Future Technologies

At REMA, we’re committed today, to the future of tomorrow. That’s why an essential part of our corporate strategy is investing in next generation technologies. We understand the global need to pursue renewable technology, therefore we’re leveraging our core technology and expertise in power connectivity to develop products that help contribute to the preservation of our limited fossil fuels.

Drawing on our 90-year background in power connectivity, and the marketplaces need for renewable technology, we have embarked on next generation technology to meet the higher demands of clean energy consumption.  This demand has driven us to explore products that meet the proposed Level 3 standards, as well as the much-discussed DC power fast charging systems.

Beyond that, we are exploring ways to extend this technology beyond just the automotive industry into the marine, and personal transport markets, such as golf carts, scooters, and beyond. Preserving the nation and the world by using less fossil fuels, and reducing pollution, all the while maintaining a way of life we’re use to, is a part of our corporate culture.