Power Connectivity is the Core of Our Business

It is the foundation for everything we do. On the forefront of connectivity for over 90 years, we are power interconnectivity experts. When you choose REMA as your EV connector partner you’re solving today’s challenges with proven engineered technology. Because our engineers are driven to eliminate inefficiencies we maintain all fabrication in house, including the tools to produce and maintain our products.  Because of this attention to detail, you can be sure you’re getting high quality products that meet exacting tolerances to create superior products that deliver optimal output over an extended life span.


Power Contact Construction
REMA’s beginnings go back to this power contact.  As a leading industrial contact manufacturer, many other manufacturers cannot duplicate the tolerances of this contact, and therefore come to us to purchase it. This contact was initially constructed to make the high voltage connection for German power transfer, and since, we have mastered the most effective contact eliminating the majority of common inefficiencies, and therefore delivering the most power from source to destination. Having eliminated power loss, and built to withstand the elements, REMA contacts are the best in the business.

Injection Molding Composite Materials
The final assembly of the product is the housing for all the electrical componentry.  This is where the user interacts with the product, and we feel it’s yet another critical part of the design.  We take pride in our in-house injection molding design and tooling.  We create all our injection-molded parts in-house, and to exacting tolerances.  Having these capabilities in-house completes our production line, and enables us to provide a total REMA product from the inside out, as well as being able to quickly meet our customers changing needs.

Cable to Power Contact Connectivity
Our unique method of cable to power contact connectivity ensures the least amount of wasted energy.  We use a copper plate, which welds the copper wires to the silver plate.  Once the copper heats up the silver is melted and a copper-to-copper relationship is formed. This connection is then crimped using our proprietary manufactured crimping tools, which ensure the connection to the exacting tolerances eliminating gaps in the copper wire gauge, and ultimately power loss. Choosing to use copper over brass may be more expensive at first, but over the long run we have determined it extends the life of the product and increases the amount of power transferred. Additionally we don’t have an off the shelf selection of contacts.  Since we manufacture them in house, we carefully select the proper size contact to meet the amperes the cable is capable of producing.  This ensures the most effective contact and power transfer.

Production Capabilities
REMA has two manufacturing facilities in Germany and a final assembly plant in the US. We manufacture all our products at these locations keeping all the tooling and processes in house.  With these two locations and over 90 years of manufacturing experience, we are readily equipped to gear up production to meet any of your toughest production requirements.