About REMA

Manufacturing interconnect products for over 90 years, REMA’s expertise and innovation with UL and CE approved electric power connection products has deemed them a leader in power connectivity. Supplying electric power connections for industrial vehicles for the past 30 years, REMA’s expertise spans from 5 to 640 Amperes, serving a variety of markets, including, industrial, utility, and telecommunications.


Drawing on their power connectivity experience, REMA has repurposed proven technology to create the most effective solution for the EV and PHEV markets. REMA’s German engineering capabilities have enabled REMA to develop vertically integrated solutions that meet your exact needs rather than an amalgamation of off the shelf parts. REMA engineers and manufactures the power contact connector technology, the cable to power contact, and injection molding composite materials, for a one-stop solution you can rely on.


Understanding the global need to pursue renewable technology, REMA is leveraging their core technology and expertise to develop products that help contribute to the preservation of our fossil fuels. As a part of this REMA has begun to explore connectivity solutions that meet the proposed Level 3 requirements, as well as the DC power fast charging systems, already on the horizon.